Design & Art Direction

Binny is an award winning versatile strategic creative consultant. Binny has worked across a large range of mediums to create unique and inspiring branding campaigns. Through market research and competitor analysis Binny works with the client to create the right brief and market positioning. She then will create an original tailored solution, and ensure it is implemented to exacting specifications.

Illustration & Textiles

Binny’s Illustration and surface pattern design can be found across a vast range of applications including: Restaurants, Fabric, Packaging, Advertising campaigns, Wallpaper, Books and Magazine Editorial.

Illustration & Textiles for Children

With a touch of the whimsy and a feel for the surreal, Binny Talib’s work transports her audience into a magical journey of childhood dreams. At the heart of her illustrations is a youthful freshness and naivety that will create childhood memories that will linger for a lifetime.

Binny is an award winning illustrator, textile and surface pattern designer whose hand-drawn and playful illustrations have secured licencing deals across major Australian and international children’s clothing brands, children’s toys, interior design, books, album covers and greeting cards. Her personal collections continue to grow, from developing her own children’s clothing label to an expanding collection of interior and fashion textiles.

Her warm Australian spirit is embraced internationally and she is currently working with brands and publishers in New York, previously her work has appeared widely across the US, UK, Japan and Australia.

Binny’s illustration career has flowed on from a design background as an agency Art Director and Creative Director and an honours degree in Visual Communications.

Binny’s Wallpaper Collection can be purchased here.

Binny’s APPS:

Binny’s Advent Calendar 2013
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Sneaky Sam
Available here for iTunes.

Binny’s Advent Calendar
Available here for iTunes
And Here for Google Play

Press & Interviews


There are some lovely reviews, here are a few of my favourites:



Kabuki is a hipster rabbit-boy who wears a smart blue bow tie, drinks only the best snow-pea tea, and trims his vegetables into little hearts. At home, and in life, he “likes everything to be just so”. He is content but lonely, living in his “burrow in the sky, among the clouds of a metropolis”. This oriental make-believe world is populated by cats and rabbits and foxes.

Origami Heart is a delightful tale about love and trust and friendship that will appeal to readers of all ages. The conversational narration fizzes with wit and charm, and the illustrations have a vivid sophistication with wonderful layers of creative detail. Fans of Sneaky Sam will recognise Binny’s distinctive hand-drawn style in this beautiful book, which won three international awards. Reading Origami Heart, alone or to a little person, will make you happy.

The Little Bookworm

This charming picturebook by … Binny is delicate, delightful and different. Every year the stylistic range of Australian picture books deepens – we’re in a golden age!

Starts at 60, KAREN JONES

There is one word for this book. Exquisite!….This is such a simple yet profound story. Illustrated in vintage colours and style, yet it deals with loneliness, isolation and expectation in the human heart. Children are not exempt from these feelings, and it is possible to see the beginnings of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with Kabuki’s preoccupation for order and neatness.

I loved this book, not just because I could identify with Kabuki and his sense of loss when Koko did not arrive on the promised visit, but because although it is a simple story, it is a useful tool in order to engage with small children as they deal with their feelings, obsessions and the disappointments of a grown up world. Even though sad, Kabuki can rearrange his feelings by turning his heart into an origami plane – and that is what brings joy back to him. The book escapes sentimentality, although it invoked strong feelings in me even as an adult. It is so skilfully written, and although short in length, it would be a wonderful addition to any child’s library.

Binny herself is an award-winning textile designer and artist. Yet she has so clearly written about feelings and setbacks and reveals that she also has an astute understanding of human nature. I loved this book and believe it would be a treasure on any child or adult’s bookshelf.

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Binny’s client list includes:

Hodder Books UK

Hachette Publishing

Scholastic New York

Blue Apple Books

Marian Heath Greeting Cards

Usborne Publishing

Allen & Unwin Publishing

Scholastic Publishing

Pearson Education Publishing

Funtastic Publishing

Advanstar Publishing

Quirk Books

Atlanta Magazine


Optus Telecommunications

MLC finance

Curtis Jones & Brown Advertising

Siegel gale Advertising

Mc Cann-Erikson Advertising

Jack Morton Advertising

Columbia University



Workplace Tasmania

Avant Card

Brasserie Bread

Bird Cow Fish

Go Home Junior

Kahn Lucas USA

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